Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's that Good.

Even the weakest hand I would hold

For my lips can kiss

and they are felt and known.

Not struck in the contempt of ignorance.

The silliest I embrace

for it is no matter in my House

Truly it is better lose it

in Holy's Good glory.

Love conquers death
of the humbled,

In struggle to hold onto life so much;

You cannot feel the gentleness of my Hand's touch.

My burden is easy - my load light;

And you want to fool acting strong.

You couldn't love me yet,

otherwise you would revel in my Grace.

Come to me and admit the broken-

shed disgrace with thanksgiving.

For I have been coming to redeem long before you realized

the gravest imagining of your shortcoming.

- This is Good News.

Repent, Taste, Enjoy, Live:

by Christ Jesus.

Friday, April 08, 2011

slow & steady

spring has come again. not in any rush, but in gradual glowing hue of warm and wet, and light scents of new grass and buds...

not sideswiping us, but gently tickling us up the back, with light and life: making slow and steady smiles upon our faces, up-turned in the rhythm of worship to the Maker of this season. winters pass away. the cold, from hurt and pain and suffering, is held in gentle Hands, and brushed in the warm of His gentle breath. Who could imagine, Love both Bold & Kind? Yet this is our God.