Friday, December 30, 2011

it's not over.

if anything I have learned from years of shift work,
and missing the 'traditions' of the Christmas hollidays - it is this:
it is always Christmas.
       sometimes winter. 
       sometimes gathered with family & friends, in the hallowed walls, flickering with candle glows.
       sometimes Friday evening, after work.  In your pj's...

The Goodness of the Son of God, born to our world... into our history,
it's not over
    though presents are unwrapped, the food enjoyed and packed up - and we've all headed back to dailyness and work and saying 'Happy New Year' instead.

Hallelujah to God, the Most High.
  Who has given us Jesus Christ, for every 360 days there are,
                                            until Christmas celebrations again.

Enjoy the wonder friends, it's here :)