Thursday, October 13, 2011

I write.

Hi all.

I feel a bit sheepish, coming here.  Typing this and that - as though I've been at this. 
I haven't been typing black and white here,
and I wonder if it shows?

How He has soothed aches,
as every word marched down to page became a prayer?
a release? a surrender?

If it shows, how He set my mind, and heart,
and hands ablaze, with thought and word?
And how, a signpost led to love,
and work, and words to share and describe and explain?
Words to give Him praise and glory?
Words to point our  hearts and minds back to Him who enlivens us - makes us, live and move and breathe?

Next week, I stand to defend my thesis.
  I sincerely chuckle when I read it.
It means what is on those 117 pages.  And it means a lot more.
How God is faithful to you in the task.  How He drives you.  How He raises you from the pit.  How He places your feet on the solid ground of faith in Him.  How He put every heart, and mind, and soul, around you that you might give Him thanks and praise.


it is finished.