Saturday, August 14, 2010

mama's B

to the woman who waited and waits for me
with faithful anticipation...

Happy Birthday!
it's my mom's birthday today.

I love her. She becomes dearer to me with every day.
Every phone chat.
Every tense moment of me moving from little-girl to big-one.
Every shopping excursion that ends in me listless and her frustrated with my shop apathy :)
Every way that we are the same, but "black-is-white".
Every tear and tearing hug as we part.
Every excited long one when we see each other again.
Every pen scratch on the page as she studies.
Every selfless moment in the kitchen where she doesn't really "love" to cook (but man, can she!)
Every moment where she is wisdom.
Every moment where she doesn't know something, and says it - where she feels, and shows it.

thanks mom.
you are you, fearfully and wonderfully you:
the first to point out to me the tenderness in your love of soft and little.
the one to teach me love of water and sand, and sound of tree frogs... or june bugs... or whatever.
the one who goes miles for being together :)

love ya much.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a lovely tribute.

I had to laugh at the "shop apathy." My daughter is the same. (Except when she is book shopping!)