Thursday, July 01, 2010

country people.

a people of celebration:
of preparation.
of being together, to eat and drink and joy and talk.
of remembering past, of hoping future.
of playing and resting.
of standing still, in awe of flashes in the sky.
of spontaneously breaking into song.
of keeping close and mingling in the crowd.
of red. of white.

this country is what I know, made of familiar mountains, lakes, city towers and winding paved roads - made of people, coming from many places to make Canadian together with those who speak the land and air and water. a nation, like other nations that the Lord loves and desires to redeem.
it's good to celebrate that.

Today I give Him thanks for:
  • music still going.
  • brave people who holler their excitement.
  • weekend switches.
  • one paper.

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