Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm sitting here at my kitchen table.
final paper of a long year swift away - just.
grace after grace to make it, and grace finally taking it from my hands.

done. done?

well, for a little while and a break and a breath.
there are dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded - all the 'fun' things that have been in wait until I was 'done'.

After a while - the laundry, the work, and the dishes will fill up the space where papers have filled for 11 months, and I will anticipate the work again after rest. I must learn now to discipline myself not to steal looks at the future, and just rest in now.

I feel like dancing around this tiny apartment,
Or maybe just going to bed.
either would be wonderful.
And Nutmeg just chewed my toe. Ha! It really is just another day, done.

Tonight, I give thanks for:
  • two beautiful brides and their grooms.
  • finding my heartbeat in sticks.
  • brother.
  • clean dishes & clothes.
  • CORN ON THE COB (I forgot what summer tasted

1 comment:

Mom said...

You are done. Enjoy it Heather. Take some needed time to relax and enjoy! Love you more than you will ever know! Mom x0