Monday, November 01, 2010

woolying up.

the air is cool
leaves mostly on the ground,
wet from early snow,
the others, with colours fading cling to the trees.
Winter is coming.
guess I'd better wooly up ;)

It's November 1st.
The first day of the global charity fundraiser, Movember, raising awareness and funds toward Prostate Cancer.

Quiet and insidious, prostate cancer can become well developed before becoming (if ever) symptomatic.
But, it is effectively detected with routine screening.
Many of the men I care for are in the end stages of this disease, which progresses from organ to others, and bone and brain.

Love your man.
Love men.
Embrace the Mo. Grow one if you're able, or compliment someone who can.
They may look funny, or hairy, or... creepy,
but recall our deep kinship through Christ, care and advocate for them.

1 comment:

emily wierenga said...

heather... do you know how you bless me?

you really,

this way you have of loving Christ in everything you do...
thank you.