Friday, November 05, 2010

no more want.

my life consists of the fluttering of paper.

the pages of Word,
the print-outs of new knowledge - of ideas,
of observations,
of inspired hopes,
of disillusioned reality.

I am reading, reading, reading - for Life, for work, searching for conceptualization of what will become my thesis.
What will be hours, blood, sweat, strain and passion: poured over in conversation and rumninated over in the mind;
What will begin to describe current reality and hope of future.

He helps me climb, what seems insurmountable. Right now, I just climb up from my knees and open my hands to open the pages, and open my mind and heart to embrace His way. No farther than He guides, no more vision than Hope. No more want than His peace.

This is my journey prayer.

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emily wierenga said...

he helps you climb, sister, and us, through your words... a beautiful journey prayer. and what an exciting thing, this discovery of word. praying his strength for you. thank you so much for linking. xo