Wednesday, December 29, 2010


yep, I'm full: of Christmas food and gifts (oh, the resolutions that will come of this...), and WORD - as I say "thank You, thank You" in the darkness lit by candlelight.

my eyes have been renewed - and I see them standing there, finally in His presence - in Light. and I say 'thank You, thank You'

Emmanuel, filler of space hidden in darkness. Lighter of hearts cold and longing.
The fullness of God - miracle of Incarnation, in this inconsequential village on a lakeside. Incarnating, again and again - so we light canldles, warm at their flickers and sing "Joy'.

we adore Thee.

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Allison said...

Annie, your words are life since they reflect His goodness & His joy... Singing over us His wonderful love and peace that never cease, as you said, to light our cold, longing hearts with comfort and with hope! He is good! and it was SO good to see you again! Hug!