Thursday, January 06, 2011


ended up sitting in the middle of mess- surrounded by pieces that impossibly fit together - listening to His voice to know when to move one, and where: to follow holy as I have never before.

Ignorance threatening terror - but these words are of the most delicious of all.
If I know Him who whispers them,
The One who brings our bodies up with His, through sin - brokenness - and blood,
The One who crushes walls - no matter the magnificence, to get to you - to me.

craving: the frankness of one's insidious sin,
Death to be risen,
And Grace, the soothing balm to mend the ache.
I dance, limping - contented sways of hip to the Master's hum.

break.down -
by violent crash,
or Lover's potent whisper,
into the sweetest Landing of this World.

And be

all. swept. up.

- with Em and others
much peace.


Loni said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Melissa@one thing said...

BEAUTIFUL! So glad I found my way over here from Emilys place!

emily wierenga said...

to follow holy as i have never before.... i think i'm going to make this my year-long mantra. absolutely beautiful piece, friend. thank you.