Wednesday, June 02, 2010

wounded. healer.

I'm processing the last day I had at work, as I prepare for the next. I had one of the most, well -profound wound dressing experiences of my career - it lasted 1 1/2 hours and required two nurses. That wound was doing what wounds untreated do: consuming - a body, time, resources, whatever it could take. As a team with the patient, we worked diligently to quench it's gluttony and to promote the health: of surrounding tissues, the patient's emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Sometimes I get consumed in the illumination of my sin and the pain of my condition without recognizing the light of God's grace, and its implication toward health and restoration.

Perhaps, you've known the situation. You're dealing with a wound - sin, and that wound makes you sick - you're repulsed by the wound. I don't know about you, but I so don't want to be the sinner hurling insults at Christ dying on a cross for me...

But if you aren't careful, you make you out to be sick - you're so repulsed by yourself that you lack the capacity to believe that you can be healed.

I've seen it happen with my patients: some who suffer as their self becomes consumed with illnesses and physical wounds. (To be honest, I've been there...)
Others though, have been held fast - centred in who they are created to be.
I would say that we probably all toggle between the two ends of the spectrum in different seasons and circumstances.
And the truth remains: Christ is always offering the healing and redemption we need in His sacrifice - once, for all - it just doesn't stop; it's on a healing, restorative trajectory.

Each of us knows the courage it takes to acknowledge, and to enter our wounds - to orient ourselves to saying 'Yes, Lord' as He first reveals our wounds' ugliness, then takes to cleaning them out, and covering them.
Hard still, our wounds need many treatments by the Physician. Our Selves (just as our bodies) are wonderfully created for wholeness (thus healing), but the wounds must be prepared and tended to like gardens, full of the promise of beauty. Our wounds need time penetrated by the hands of the Healer - gently covered with His remedy: God - intimately acquainted with our condition, and wounded for our transgressions.

Today, I'm thankful for:
  • studying on the beach.
  • space to warm up, slow.
  • a thunderstorm!
  • time again with B :)

Two great reads: Henri Nouwen's The Wounded Healer and The Inner Voice of Love. Henri is a dear companion in Christ, and a gentle writer of Truth :) Peace.

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