Friday, September 17, 2010

if I didn't know I have nothing...

I'd never learn how sweet the rain and wind are
even if it messes your hair.

I'd never notice the dance of light on rock,
as a sweet answer to prayer.

I'd never know the delight it is,
to be embraced and to embrace.

I'd never be drawn to You,
to satisfy, to teach, to lay and learn in listen

I'd never know that You are - Everything;
without You, no being.

Joining Em & Ann today - broken, cracked for He pours out.

peace to you this weekend, in His fullness.

Enjoy a favorite song :)


SY said...

such faith in the unseen is rare. congrats for finding that things that works for you ..

emily wierenga said...

oh friend, i'm so glad you linked... this is deeply profound; i read and re-read, and i want to get it, this true gratitude, this emptying out and letting him pour in. beautiful. thank you. xo

Kim Hyland said...

Strange how in the knowing we have nothing, we find everything. Simple, thoughtful, beautiful . . thank you.