Thursday, September 30, 2010

there, your treasure


is buried

leaves, dirt, rocks, sand - mess

And you believe, it's better that way:

part of it's worth is in the planning

the dig, the find

the raising up and glory of it

as it crests the edge of the earth and is lifted above

settled for a life of dirt?

settling in the dirt,

sifting through - down to a laden trunk's temporary bed

Seeking and found by the One that is sought.

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Wandering On Purpose said...

I especially love the second stanza - it resonates with me.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Beauty from ashes... seeing the treasure and giving it its full value. I hope you'll visit my blog today - even though on the surface it's completely unrelated, I feel like the heart of why I wrote it was an attempt to do exactly what you describe so beautifully here.

Lisa notes... said...

Being one who loves to play in the dirt, I relate to this. Good food for thought. Thanks for sharing.

emily wierenga said...

down to a laden trunk's temporary bed...

found by the One sought...

friend, absolutely beautiful. really. you paint the kingdom of God here, and it's something i've been digging in the dirt of my humanness for...

you inspire me. love to you. e.