Tuesday, September 07, 2010

experience celebration

neither you, nor I are likely to know what you'll get when I hit the kitchen.
And it just kills my mother, who loves the 'recipe',
that her child might regard it simply as a rough 'guideline'.
So it happened when I started my birthday cake this year-

that turned into a pie, of no-consequence.

hunting through cupboards and fridge with my nose for all that gives great, unique delight

lemons and blueberries and chocolate;

et, ma piece - nuts. Candied nuts.

and I served this, to other people... who humbly received the offering of, "what did you say that was again?"

finishing with a, "that was an experience".

Ha! Blessed!

To the God who, creates, giver of time to think, and roll and bake;

maker of willy-nillies in the kitchen,

and life,

and friends who will submit themselves to trying a piece of you-pie ;)


Kim Hyland said...

You sound so much like my 15 yr old daughter in the kitchen, and your mom sounds like me! You should see us try to bake together . . it's trying ;) I LOVE the last sentence and "maker of willy-nillies in the kitchen" Smiling!

Tara (P!) said...

Hahaha! Love it! Bisous.