Monday, September 06, 2010


When I read you, watch you
other-steppers and faith-walking seekers, followers of the Way:
I see all the ways we are walking before Him
Not many ways to -
For there is One and only One.
But how many ways to fall and crawl into His outpouring of mercy!
And lap like a wee kitten to its spill of milk…
Or a thirsting man lapping at puddle-side in drought.

When anxiety rises at the breadth of my gait - the measure of my steps
And, if they are good and right and true?
I need only remind myself to trip into your grace.
So remembrance rinses away pretense and pride-
And Fills and envelops with you, Graceful Master, Gentle Lord.

1 comment:

Kim Hyland said...

So beautiful and full of grace, especially "many ways to fall and crawl into His outpouring of mercy" and "trip into your grace." I'm so glad I've found your blog. I love your heart and the beauty of your words. Look forward to reading more!