Tuesday, May 11, 2010

big & LITTLE

So, last night I was thinking... yep.
It's just wild how this life goes. The profound butt right up against the simple, the mundane, the ordinary - no music, no grand step back, no space to collect thoughts or create art - that moment is meant for spontaneity, that is what all of our discipline, and submission to the hand of our God and Christ is meant for. This is the mystery and praise and glory and miracle of incarnation. The little gets made big. Sometimes, I watch final breaths - and then five minutes later, the moment requires of me to provide a laugh to a lonely patient. And later I, well, I don't even think - I'm just like, 'Whoa...' That moment of final breath is so much the richer, and maybe even more confusing, because of all of the laughs and life before it.

I'm thankful still for coffees :) and water, and coffee and water...
For one more paper, almost done.
For trying your best.
For LUSH lovers ;)
For Beavertails on sunny days with friends and their parents
For laughing at the whipped cream I willingly put on my face, and then at the smears of chocolate residing on my cheeks unbeknownst to me :)
For sisters in Him - A.D., C.W., J.H., T.C.
For the sacred gift of music & lyrics

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Alicia said...

You're a such beautiful woman of God. :) I miss you.