Saturday, May 22, 2010

true things.

Truth never gets old. It is.
I used to think of Truth as isolated facts, once learned the lesson is mastered - yep, I liked multiple choice exams ;) a lot.
But, knowing truth is much more about: a deep desire, a penetration of the depths, a discipline and a submitting to hard work, a standing where you don't know the 'how?' or 'when?' or 'where?' with the Truth-teller - letting old notions and presuppositions fall away, making room for new creation and renewal.

Our need of Truth is like our need of water; we need water, or we don't function as we're meant to - from our ability to maintain blood pressure and temperature, to the work of billions of tiny (but fantastic!) neurochemicals flowing throughout our bodies maintaining balance of phsyique, and mind and emotion.
Truth is just the same.
Sometimes I don't remember it, but we need to drink it often, and deep -to replenish our reserves when it's been spent throughout the day, so it can be spent again. God's truth flowing in and out of our lives - again, and again, and again.

I am thankful:
  • that seeds are resilient.
  • that God pours out His Spirit of counsel and truth.
  • for life together.
  • for scrubs fresh washed for a weekend of work.
  • that God is already in the mysteries when I arrive upon them, having revealed the Truth.
  • that Truth is the final, whole Word.

Enjoy a bit of JJ Heller and the truth of the words He is always speaking :)

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