Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Nearly every day when I am not at the hospital, I go to a nearby coffee shop to write, to read, to do: homework. I have a coffee maker in my apartment (which is great for my pre-shift 5:30am mornings), but being able to go to a coffee shop for the morning or afternoon is a reallly wonderful thing. God has planted me in the midst of a plethora - each with their own brews, and cute & querky communities.

I am thankful for coffee shops, firstly for their coffee cream! (I don't tend to keep it stocked). Second, it keeps me in some way connected to this new city of mine - I could do my work at home, but I'd rather be out seeing and enjoying the living of lives that God has placed in this city. The third reason I'm grateful for coffee shops: coffee. It keeps me peppy, and there's a bean, flavour and roast to suit your 'need' or mood. Even better - fair trade.

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