Monday, May 03, 2010

God gave me Georgia.

# 100. Georgia, is the spanking-nouvelle name of my laptop. It fits somehow… And, uh, I once saw this photo of a little puppy called Georgia-Peach (believe me it’s unbelievably sweet) and since I have been keeping that name on the back-burner to name something Georgia. My laptop runs HOURS per day, puts up with my multiple commands and demands, and has a pretty, flowery background. She plays my iTunes and youTube playlists.
For a few months now, since moving to a new city, and going into, at times full-time, online grad studies I have not liked the fact that we ‘spend’ so much time together. Indeed, I have been just plain turned off – wishing to be outside, or hanging with ‘real’ people, anything but checking my email the dozens of times a day and listening to classes on line. On top of that, I think – what sort of person does this make me? Chained to a desk?! Well, for a season yes, while I finish school in due diligence.

Bad attitude. Unthankful attitude. Attitude not looking for Christ, but one threatening to undermine His gift.

Photo: :) and yes, this will someday be Georgia's background...

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