Friday, May 07, 2010


My thanks today for is for time.

One of the most beautiful things I learned a few years back while in Kenya, was that time might not be the entity we westerners perceive it to be - one was "on time" if they arrived - refreshing, hey?
And it's been so good because it has perpetuated a change to the way I understand and 'relate' to time. Time - not measured merely in the ticks of a clock, but by the fullness of I AM.

Today was full day, I am so grateful for time:

To still see a face and hear a voice again before it slips away into the mysterious Loving arms of our Father. Time to touch that hand - to laugh and joke, and choke up together another blessed time.

Time to acknowledge the richness of silence, and let another's tears finally come, in the fullness of time.

Time to laugh, to enjoy and to share the profound and mundane with community. To glean from the experience and expertise that comes only in time.

Time to be silent. Time in solitude. To pray.

Time to learn - to change, to grow.

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