Tuesday, May 25, 2010

taking the heat

It's hot, very hot in my apartment.
89 degrees to be precise, and it was 93 earlier.
I actually don't mind heat. Heat works on our bodies as cleansing - pouring out, so that we drink in. As God's fire refines us, as we nestle ourselves deeper into the warmth of His embrace so we feel the sweat of cleansing, the pace of cleansing, the pressure of cleansing that makes us want to almost step out of the process - we call out for, receive, and appreciate drink in cleansing.

Nutmeg (my rabbit) and I, nestled in here, live on - at a pace dictated by the heat with ice cubes in our water :)

I am thankful for:
  • movement; in general, and of air.
  • warm-day naps.
  • remembering a cucumber's coolness.
  • water.

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