Sunday, May 09, 2010

bisous & volunteers

Today was a celebration of Volunteer Week at work - these people, I cannot be thankful enough for them. They do so so much on our floor - diligently responding to the many many needs of other people that arise during a shift. They've been my eyes and ears to medical emergencies, the people who can sit and chat with a patient who needs someone to talk to. They make coffee for families, and read books to patients - they help them with their meals. They go to get blankets, water, straws, ice cream, cookies, and spoons for people staying with us on the unit. And this is just what I've seen.
In addition to what they do on the unit, they are simply beautiful people. What I was met with at the door to the staff room this afternoon were open arms and two great big kisses planted on my cheeks from an eighty year-old volunteer who bakes us cookies every weekend, in thanks for the party thrown in their honour. Then she emphatically stated, "My dear, you couldn't be a day over 18" - sigh...
These people melt my heart - the dedication and humility is stunning; they care.
They love.

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